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Approx. 6 one-second shots. Projects a dense stream 6-8. Includes key ring. Comes in BLACK leather holster. PB-11P-B/sb


3 in 1 Chest Holster

Nylon Holster with Touch closure for 8.1 oz Bear Spray (CA-12), 10.2 oz Bear Spray (CA-18)& 8.1 oz Crowd Control Pepper Spray... HC-1218

Kozee-Tote Transportation & Storage Safety Container


The Kozee-Tote™ has been requested by Forest Service and military personnel to protect bear pepper spray while traveling in vehicles, boats and... K-T


Bear Keg

Bear Resistant Food Container. Protects your food and the bears. Mandatory in many National Parks in the United States. Meets U.S. Forest Service... BK-914