Grizzly bear in brush and Counter Assault bear spray can. Grizzly bear in brush and Counter Assault bear spray can.


Counter Assault sprays farther and lasts longer to keep bears and people safe.

40 Foot Range

40 Foot Range

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Made in Montana


Max Pepper Heat

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The Counter Assault Difference

Counter Assault Distance Comparison Graphic - 20 Feet Competitor 1, 30 Feet Competitor 2, 35 Feet Competitor 3, Counter Assault 40 Feet

Hunter spraying Counter Assault bear spray.

1000+ 5-Star Reviews

Bear Spray Saves Lives

"Counter Assault saved our day!!!!!! My husband and I got charged by a grizzly last weekend. I wasn't sure that the outcome was going to be good. My husband sprayed as the bear was about 15 yards from us. When the bear hit the wall of spray it didn't even hesitate. It sputtered, shook it's head and took off! I was so thankful that we had spray and that it worked so well."


Keeping People and Bears Safe Since 1986

Counter Assault is a proud partner of the Be Bear Aware Campaign
Chuck Bartlebaugh with fake bear in front of truck with trailer

From Chuck Bartlebaugh of the Be Bear Aware Campaign

"Quality bear spray is an essential safety product for living, hiking, camping, and other outdoor recreations in bear country. The Be Bear Aware Campaign advises people to use only bear sprays that have a spray duration of at least 7 seconds and sprays for a distance of at least 30 feet.

Counter Assault bear spray meets and exceeds these recommendations. Additionally, unlike some bear sprays, Counter Assault bear spray disperses the active ingredients, Capsaicin and Related Capsaicinoids, from the beginning through to the end of the spray duration providing maximum effects on a charging bear.

We are pleased to recommend Counter Assault bear spray as not only the original bear spray but a quality bear deterrent for these reasons."


The Facts

The Only 40 Foot Bear Spray

Created by Grizzly Encounter Survivor

1st EPA-Registered Bear Spray

Made in Montana

Maximum Pepper Spray Concentration Allowed by Law

Works on All Bear Species

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