Counter Assault was established in 1986 in Missoula, MT and now located in Kalispell, MT. 

Counter Assault Bear Deterrent was developed with the University of Montana to protect people from bears in a non-lethal manner. Dr. Charles Jonkel and Carrie Hunt of the University of Montana Border Grizzly Project generated the scientific data that proved Counter Assault’s proprietary formula and delivery system successfully deterred bears from aggressive encounters in a non-lethal manner. 

Counter Assault began business operations in Missoula, Montana to market a bear pepper spray. Since that time, National Park rangers, hunters, hikers, guides, and others have carried the spray in the backcountry. Counter Assault Bear Deterrent is used worldwide by outdoor professionals, enthusiasts, and by Federal and State wildlife agencies. 

Counter Assault relocated to a new facility in Kalispell, Montana that was designed specifically to accommodate pepper spray manufacturing in February 1999. In 2004, Counter Assault doubled the size of its manufacturing facility. By 2008, Counter Assault completed a second expansion, doubling the size of its manufacturing facility once more.