40 Foot Bear Spray Press Release - October 15, 2018

40 Foot Bear Spray Press Release - October 15, 2018

Monday, October 15, 2018 

New 40 Foot Bear Spray from Counter Assault

Counter Assault once again has proven to be the leader in bear spray, making the first true advance in twenty years. Counter Assault has developed and received EPA registration for the very first 40-foot bear spray on the market. In addition, this product is the only bear deterrent pepper spray to meet the requirements of the EPA Significant New Alternative Policy (SNAP) of the Clean Air Act relating to ozone depleting substances. Counter Assault has taken the lead in the industry and moved forward with meeting these important environmental goals.

Counter Assault has a long history of leading product innovation, regulatory standards and sustainability. In July 1991, Counter Assault developed the first bear deterrent pepper spray to achieve Canada Health registration and in May 1998, was the first company to receive EPA registration for bear deterrent pepper spray. In December of 1998, the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (“IGBC”), a group consisting of various federal and state wildlife agencies awarded Counter Assault the 1998 Grizzly Bear Stewardship Award for significant participation in the research and development of bear deterrent pepper spray.

With this new product launch in first quarter 2019, Counter Assault’s 10.2 oz. canister will have a spray distance up to 40 feet with 8 seconds of spray time and Counter Assault’s 8.1 oz canister will have a spray distance up to 32 feet with 7 seconds of spray time.

Counter Assault was established in 1986 in Missoula, MT, and is presently located in Kalispell, MT. From their state-of-the-art facility they manufacture, package, and ship their pepper spray product throughout North America, and around the world. Counter Assault is a manufacturer of bear spray, personal protection spray, law enforcement/military pepper spray products and accessories.

To learn more about Counter Assault and their full line of pepper sprays and accessories visit www.counterassault.com.